iSLe.  At school with your liquid book

A program with many high level speeches together with the leading persons of the project, the event will be dedicated to the debate of the coming 2.0 publishing in the educational sector.
Wednesday 25th March in Florence, the iSLe project and its innovative platform model will be presented to the public of expert insiders as a research experience and opportunity to meet and dialogue about the instruments for the school of future.
iSLe, a research project co-funded by Regione Toscana, is a model of public-private partnership and an entrepreneurial pathway; a leading product which enables the design of innovative methodologies for the educational learning processes.
Two schools in Lucca are using iSLe as local pilots and taking advantage of its functionalities for the training activities: from the navigation of the resources and thematic nodes of the liquid book, to the non-linear mix of texts and multimedia used to create lessons and conceptual maps.
Thanks to the two books placed by the project stakeholder Mondadori Education for the pilots phase, starting from next Autumn, iSLe will continue its evolution and implement new functionalities addressing the needs of the schools and of the educational publishing market.

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Author: Redazione Progetto ISLE

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