The partners

The companies involved in the implementation of the iSLe project are:


META Srl is an Italian leading ICT company dealing, since more than ten years, with innovative solutions and platforms in the field of multimedia publishing (among our clients, some of the most important Italian editors: Zanichelli, Mondadori, De Agostini).

META Srl develops customized content management and publishing platforms for Cultural Heritage institutions and museums (GLAMs), two of its platforms are distributed to more than 200 museums by the Italian Ministry for Culture and Tourism (Museo&Web and MOVIO).

META Srl finally, distributes its proprietary semantic search engines and knowledge management tools to the research and industry sector. As part of these initiatives, and especially with the opening of a new corporate branch for the development of innovative products for the Web – in particular the portals for computer-aided publishing and virtual environments for learning  – META Srl has identified Natural Language Processing and Text Mining as the sectors particularly interesting to be addressed.


The Institute of Computational Linguistics “Antonio Zampolli” CNR (ILC-CNR) has been engaged in the field of Computational Linguistics since 1967, as Divisione di Linguistica Computazionale at the Centro Nazionale Universitario di Calcolo Elettronico (CNUCE) and since 1978 as an independent institution of CNR.


SPACE è nata nel dicembre 1996 per esplorare il potenziale della tecnologia multimediale al servizio dell’editoria e della cultura. Nell’anno 2000 il pacchetto di maggioranza dell’impresa è stato acquisito dal Gruppo industriale Atlantis, che aveva lanciato nel 1998 una importante iniziativa per realizzare (nell’ambito di un Contratto di Programma nazionale) un laboratorio di innovazione insediato in Sardegna e volto a supportare le Pubbliche Amministrazioni nel processo di sviluppo e di ammodernamento amministrativo. Le quote già in possesso di Atlantis S.p.a. sono state rilevate dai soci di minoranza e da altri investitori nel luglio del 2010.


01S and 01Servizi, created in 2009, is a company that has immediately proved capable of creating offers aimed at supporting organizations, enterprises and public administration offices located throughout the territory. Our company slogan is ‘five year of life, over 10 centuries of experience’, and it is the result of a large team of technical experts with proven experience and professionalism, who, on average, are less than 36 years old.

01S is a company that boasts over 50 internal human resources, national and international partners and highly qualified professionals working in the company’s four locations: Sansepolcro (AR), Reggio Emilia, Pisa and Rome.

01S is founded on the professionalism, experience and skills of its direct human resources and its partners. Our staff is made up of various experts including Project managers, Software architects, Domain experts and analysts, Senior and junior developers, systems and DBA analysts, and Helpdesk experts.

01S had already generated a turnover of more than 55,000 euro, just four months after its creation in 2009.  For 2010, the company foresees generating at least 1.8 million euro, in 2011 and 2012, 2.3 million. In 2013 01S ended the last annual balance sheet with a turnover of 3 million, with constant increases.

01S and its resource team work for high level clients both nationally and internationally. Its clients include professional trade associations, public agencies and public administration offices, transport companies, the telecommunications industry and companies within the sector. Its main projects involve the creation of made-to-order software, business intelligence, computer system outsourcing, optic filing systems, computer system assessment, funded projects and tenders.


ViDiTrust srl was founded as a spin­off of University of Siena. The project was born from the research activities of the group of researchers VIPP, Visual Information Processing and Protection (affiliated with the laboratory of the Department of Telecommunications Engineering of University of Siena), which has excellent references on projects both nationally and internationally, regardings information processing, and Information Hiding techniques applied to digital images (or digitized).

ViDiTrust develops mainly three technologies, the core business ViSeQR, SecureDR and SecureImage.

ViSeQR technology protects companies from counterfeiting and ensures the traceability of products. It also allows the collection of data for market researches, thanks to its cloud platform. It’s a customizable solution, easy to integrate into the production process. The consumer can verify in a simple and intuitive way, directly from her/his device, the authenticity of the product that she/he is buying: just taking a picture of the stamp and verify it on the free App. ViSeQR is a patent protect technology.

SecureDRM is a module that ensures the protection of data stored on the user device, making it appear inaccessible content in the case of unauthorized copying to other devices.

SecureImage increases the potential of the DRM, ensuring protection of images with invisible watermarking algorithms able to claim paternity in the case of unauthorized use.
The use of SecureDRM and SecureImage is useful in all scenarios where sensitive data, once stored in the devices of users for online and offline use, are potentially subject to misuse or potential theft. Application scenarios are about the protection of copyright or the secure storage of application­specific file. Together, they are the ideal solution in all cases share a common need of data protection, security in the fruition of the content and controlling the use of information (stealing or copying).


PIN S.c.r.l. – Servizi didattici e scientifici per l’Università di Firenze is a nonprofit majority State-owned association. The Centre is structured as a consortium in which the management and financial control are entrusted to the Board of Directors and the Technical-Scientific Committee is in charge of scientific and technical development. The Centre is funded by public and private resources, including specific research projects.

The PIN is an innovative point of contact between the University and civil society, with the aim to establish close and effective relationship with the civil society and to render support to university education in various fields.