iSLe at the boundary between epub3 and edupub

Joined together at the Editech workshop “Table Blue” some italian publishers and IT companies have discussed the future of the digital production of learning materials, the other subject of the workshop were the new formats epub3 and edupub.

GruppoMeta attended at the meeting as the leader of the iSLe project. GruppoMeta showed how the problem of semantic liquid book had been confronted in regard to the standards epub3, edupub, QTI, LTI, etc.

The development prospect of iSLe is that the system of content production, which is exactly the one of the publishing platforms 3.0 – SCMS (Aemantic Content Management System) or SECM (Semantic Enterprise Content Management) –  has to be able to provide production of books adaptable to users, context and utilized devices.

Although the term “indesign” was the most recurring word at the different steps of the discussion, the of iSLe project team together with other participants agreed upon the strategy of the future production which central position is already marked as “content”, the true value of publishing.

Therefore there is no more traditional book, but a “liquid” book, layerwise structured and with social features: it is a new tool that will be used by tomorrow’s publishers and authors, these are the the strategic principles of iSLe platform.

Author: Redazione Progetto ISLE

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